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Experience the beauty of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding areas, including the iconic D.L. Bliss State Park, on a guided hiking tour with us.

2023 TripAdvisor AwardLake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and the second deepest lake in the United States. It is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and is known for its clear, blue waters and stunning mountain scenery. The lake is a popular destination for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, biking, boating, and skiing. With its location straddling the border between California and Nevada, it offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. With a guided tour from MountainBased, you can fully appreciate and understand the natural history and culture of the Lake Tahoe region. Our expert guides are knowledgeable about the local flora, fauna, and local history.


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Why book a guided hiking tour to Lake Tahoe


If you’re considering a guided hiking tour of Lake Tahoe, there are many compelling reasons to go for it. One of the biggest benefits is the small group experience you’ll have on a guided trip to California. With a smaller group, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the area and have a more personalized experience. Plus, you’ll have the support of a knowledgeable and experienced guide to lead the way. Another advantage of going on a guided tour is that you’ll be supporting a family-run guide company. These companies often have a deep connection to the area and are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable tours. On a Lake Tahoe guided tour from Reno, Nevada, you’ll travel in comfortable 15-passenger vans and all of your gas, food, and park fees will be included in the cost of the trip. Some of the top hikes in the area include those at D.L Bliss State Park, where you can take in stunning views of iconic Emerald Bay. It’s worth noting that the lake’s turquoise waters are deeper than the Empire State Building and the lake is located over a mile high, so you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty throughout your trip. If you’re looking for a more private experience, we also offer private tours. Overall, a guided hiking tour of Lake Tahoe is a fantastic way to experience all that this beautiful area has to offer.

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More Information about Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe is a breathtakingly beautiful alpine lake located on the border of California and Nevada. Its crystal clear waters and stunning surrounding landscape attract millions of visitors each year. But there is much more to Lake Tahoe than its natural beauty. Its history and geology are equally fascinating and worth exploring.

The first known inhabitants of the Lake Tahoe region were Native American tribes such as the Washoe and Northern Paiute. These indigenous peoples have lived in the area for thousands of years and have a deep connection to the land. They have passed down their cultural traditions and history through oral storytelling, which has helped to preserve their way of life.

The geography of Lake Tahoe is equally diverse and dynamic. The lake is nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and sits at an elevation of over 6,000 feet. It is the second deepest lake in the United States and is known for its crystal clear waters, which are a result of the lake’s high altitude and the low amount of sediment and nutrients in the water.

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Geologically, Lake Tahoe is a young lake, having formed only about 2 million years ago. The lake was formed by tectonic activity, which caused the Sierra Nevada mountain range to rise and created a natural depression that filled with water. The surrounding landscape is equally dynamic, with towering peaks, deep canyons, and dense forests.

The flora and fauna of Lake Tahoe are just as diverse as the geography. The lake is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. The surrounding forests are home to a wide variety of trees, including pine, cedar, and fir. The lake is also home to a number of fish species, including rainbow trout and kokanee salmon.

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In addition to the natural beauty and history of Lake Tahoe, the surrounding state parks are also worth exploring. D.L. Bliss State Park, for example, is a popular destination for hikers and campers. The park is home to a number of trails that wind through the beautiful forests and along the shores of the lake. It is also home to a number of natural wonders, including the iconic Balancing Rock and the Rubicon Trail.

In conclusion, Lake Tahoe is a truly special place with a rich history, diverse geology, and stunning natural beauty. Its nearby state parks are also worth exploring and offer a variety of recreational opportunities for visitors. Whether you are interested in the history and culture of the Native American tribes who called the area home, or simply want to enjoy the stunning landscape and wildlife, Lake Tahoe has something for everyone.