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Utah’s 6 Most “Instagram-able” Spots

Posted: Nov 27, 2017 | MountainBased Team

Welcome to Instagram heaven, compliments of Utah’s very own MountainBased Mighty 5 adventure!

Have you been to Utah? No? Well pull out your calendar and start making plans, because after you read this article, Utah will be your next upcoming, dream experience of a lifetime.

Authenticity and originality are two key components to a successful adventure, and luckily MountainBased holds both components, and more. As soon as my journey began, I immediately noticed the genuine passion for providing the ultimate experience, while at the same time maintaining an admirable respect for the land we would explore.

Without further ado, I give you…

1. Zion National Park… Duh!

In Zion we went straight to the goods, The Narrows. Here, on both sides of the river, rock walls jetted up into the sky as I navigated the rocky terrain, occasionally skipping through the cool stream that once helped sculpt this unbelievable canvas of earth. Make sure you don’t forget your waterproof hiking boots and trekking poles for balance!

2. Arches National Park

You’ll see “Utah Rocks” etched over, and over again while traveling through this gem of a state. But to be quite honest, Utah does totally rock! Some of the most beautiful arches created in this world are not man made. Landscape Arch is among them, this arch is MASSIVE, to capture the magic you may want to practice your panoramic skills!

Also in Arches National Park, is Delicate Arch. The amateur move here is to go stand in the arch and have someone take your photo from a far. Although it might make for a decent photo, it is much better to stand closer to the camera while getting the full arch in the background. To get a killer shot, consider what clothes will contrast best with the Utah terrain, everything around you is orange. Wearing orange, pink or even yellow can make you blend in too much. Pick solid dark colors like black, blue and green. These tips will allow you and the views to stand out!

3. Canyonlands National Park

Once again, we get to see magnificent Arches! This one is called Mesa Arch, and the most spectacular way to photograph this arch is at sunrise, capturing the sun bouncing off the underbelly!

Use social media as a way to get some inspiration on what to photograph in each of the spots, but don’t be afraid to do your own thing. I took this photo with my timer, looking out at the same sunrise!

4. Grand View Point at Canyonlands

This walk is one for the books! The landscape is vast and the view at the end showcases a panoramic view of the entire park.

Candid photos are my favorite kind, sometimes they’re better than the unnatural posed pictures… and sometimes they capture that not all of us were so brave to get out to the edge.

5. Dead Horse Point State Park

This maze of rock and ridge was the perfect spot for sunset, but get there early because everyone else thinks so too. The sunset was unbelievable and we left with our jaws on the floor!

6. Bryce Canyon National Park

Just when I thought I’d topped the view at Dead Horse point, we went to Bryce Canon to see hoodoos at sunrise. It can be a bit chilly in the morning, so grab a blanket at the gas station and soak it all in.

In Bryce you can hike Navajo/Queens Garden Loop where the orange rock is intensely vibrant and warm!

After 5 days of moderate hiking, unrelenting views, campfire laughs, and star-gazing for the ages, the adventure came to an end. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for our MountainBased guides and adventure they lead us through.

MountainBased mapped out some of the best camp sites I have ever been to! Hot water and wifi are staples to the modern day explorer. Also, if you feel like playing with your camera settings, Utah could not be a better place, just don’t forget an external charger! You’ll be sure to get the most epic and Instagram worthy shots.

Written by Shayla Christine with Hey Shalya. You can also add her on Facebook and Instagram.

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