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Satisfy your Wanderlust in Utah’s Canyon Country

Posted: Sep 23, 2017 | MountainBased Team

Time to plan a vacation? You could take a weekend break from the city, spend a small fortune to get to a travel destination on the other side of the world, or, try something genuinely different and experience America as you have never seen it before. In Utah’s Canyon Country, there are unforgettable experiences waiting to be discovered right here in your own backyard.

Take for example Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, home to monolithic rock formations, sweeping panoramas, enchanting hiking trails, and open starry skies under which you can camp overnight. At MountainBased we don’t just visit these places, but take the time to step on a trail and be truly immersed in the surroundings. A hiking adventure is the best way to experience everything these parks have to offer.

Zion and Bryce Canyon showcase everything you could hope to experience while hiking and camping in a spectacular wilderness—but its how we take you to see them that really makes a difference.

What to expect in Zion National Park

This iconic hike is arguably the most beautiful way to start a trip in Zion National Park. You will wade through the cool Virgin River as it winds its way through the unique formations that it carved from the rock. Marvel at the colorful sandstone cliffs, still evolving after thousands of years as they soar hundreds of feet above the canyon floor. These stunning vistas emphasize the incredible beauty of Zion National Park.

Top of Angels Landing view

Experience the unrivaled rewards of hiking as you ascend high above the park to stand at the top of Angels Landing. While the climb to reach this point is challenging, the views are worth every ounce of effort, and the hike is only 2.4 miles to the top. Test your limits and find out what you are capable of!

What are hoodoos?

The hoodoos are sculptures of nature and the product of many years of erosion. That being said, you need to see these wonders for yourself to understand the reason for which they are so famous. Hoodoos can rise higher than a ten-story building and trekking beneath these towering remnants is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hike through Wall Street, whose beautiful limestone formations rise like the skyscrapers of its namesake. Climb and descend through rugged terrain and a series of switchbacks. The winding trail allows you to take your time and drink in the vistas of the glowing red rock formations that surround you.

With MountainBased, you can become immersed in these parks on a stunning three day trip. Join a group of passionate adventure seekers to experience the best of Utah’s canyon country. We will take care of all of the planning, transportation, and equipment. Our experienced guides are always on hand to ensure your safety and comfort, while also teaching you the history behind every region.

Rethink your standard vacation—you don’t need an expensive trip across the world to appease your wanderlust. It’s not about where you go, but how you see it, and this is exactly what we do best.

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