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How Traveling Together Can Strengthen Your Marriage

Posted: Jan 10, 2018 | MountainBased Team

Ruts aren’t fun, but they’re easy to fall in. After the honeymoon stage, marriage (and life in general) can fall into a routine: make breakfast, corral the kids, go to work, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed. Taking time for traveling together ––whether it’s a weekend getaway or a five month excursion––breaks the routine, gives you something to look forward to, and can strengthen your marriage.

Relying on One Another Becomes Second Nature

Every choice when you travel sparks conversation. Where will we go? Where will we eat? Which monuments should we visit? If you’re traveling on your own, you get to call the shots, and it’s up you to decide where you’ll go and what you’ll see. Traveling together with your spouse means you have someone to turn to if the situation gets dicey, you make a wrong turn, or even order the wrong meal at the restaurant.

You Learn to Compromise

While solo travel let’s you call 100% of the shots 100% of the time, traveling with your spouse teaches you compromise over, and over, and over again. While it may be hard at first, compromise lets you see parts of a city or National Park you hadn’t originally thought to visit.

Keeps the Romance Alive

Whether you’re walking the cobblestone streets of Paris or the deserts of Southern Utah, exploring new places with the person you love is exciting and romantic. It shakes up the status quo, and allows you to cling to someone familiar in an unfamiliar place.

You’ll Make Memories and Share Inside Jokes

For years you’ll be recounting that time you got lost in the streets of Grenada or the time you snuck onto a float at Carnival and rode through the streets of Nice. You’ll laugh about the sour milk in Turkey and the salty sardines in London. All the reminiscing will only serve to plan your next trip together.

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Mediocrity will be a thing of the past. You’ll see the best in each other and the worst in each other. Traveling has a way of bringing out the angels and demons in all of us. In doing so, it shows us how to deal with each other in the chaos and the calm.

So go ahead, start planning your next big adventure. 

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